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Best Asics shoes for tennis often come from the Asics brand. They have been one of the industry leaders for sports shoes since their foundation in 1950. And with good cause. Tennis players worldwide choose Asics tennis shoes because of their stability, comfort, and durability. 

We have included the top Asics tennis shoes available in the categories of best for men, best for women, best for rigidity, best for hard courts, and budget friendly best Asics shoes for tennis hereunder. Following more than 30 hours of playtime with each model, our experienced testers conducted field assessments on each one and found that each model below was exceptional in its class.

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Best Asics Shoes For Tennis – Men’s & Women’s (2023)

The finest option if you enjoy playing tennis is Asics. The finest Asics sneakers are long-lasting, light, fashionable, and reasonably priced. Additionally, they come in various colors and sizes, so players may choose the best Asics shoes for tennis that exactly suit their feet. 

Asics shoes are popular with casual and distance runners because of their reputation for providing an ideal fit and stability. Additionally, Asics does in-depth product testing to guarantee reliability and excellence. The business’s research division is constantly seeking fresh approaches to enhance the general aesthetic of its boots.

However, selecting the best Asics tennis shoe for you might take a lot of work with many exceptional footwear.

Based on the following standards, we decided to add the best Asics shoes for tennis:

Quality section. Experts are looking for sturdy and comfortable Asics sneakers.

Additional features. The shoes in this list have characteristics that make them perfect for particular maintenance techniques.

Worth. We took into consideration tennis shoes that offer good value for the money.

Customer evaluations. The majority of user evaluations for the footwear on this list are favorable.

To assist you in making the best choice, we’ve compiled this list of the Best Asics shoes for tennis.

Best Asics Tennis Shoes For Hard Court

Experts put the finest models to the test to determine which footwear provides the highest efficiency on hard courts. A key component of improving your tennis game is purchasing the Best Asics shoes for tennis that precisely fit your feet. Moving quickly and effectively around the court has never been more crucial since tennis is becoming a far more physically demanding sport. 

Your confidence will increase as you go around the court in helpful, snug, and comfy sneakers. Regardless of your level of playing expertise, this is crucial to improving as a tennis player. Over the past few years, performance on a hard court has significantly evolved.

Asics Solution Speed FF 2

The Asics Solution Speed FF 2s are one of the most recognizable hardcourt tennis shoes, made popular by the great Novak Djokovic. These minimalist shoes significantly improve over the original Speed FF footwear since they are lightweight yet very supportive. 

In terms of their overall capabilities, these shoes are remarkably well-balanced. The combination of weight, equilibrium, cushioning, and mobility make this a fantastic all-arounder for the quick tennis player who likes to move around the court like Novak.

The one drawback some players can have with this best asics tennis shoes for hard court is that the heel support is relatively minimal, making it seem less supportive and cushioned than other shoes on our list.

Best Asics Shoes For Tennis – Top Pick For Women

Asics Gel-Resolution 8 Women Tennis Shoes

With a close-to-the-court feeling, the Gel-Resolution 8 tennis shoe encourages a responsive stride with the integration of DynawallTM Technology, which offers more midfoot stabilization during lateral movements and coast-to-coast protection. The Flexion Fit Upper offers form-fitting support. This pair of shoes incorporates a torque control feature in the heel counter to maintain a locked-in feeling throughout quick movements. 

Gel Technology cushions the midfoot and heel of this footwear.  It helps to lessen the impact of shock from sudden stop-and-go movements on the court. The Model Also Has An Ahar Compound In The Outsole that works with the guardTM toe protector to improve traction on the court and decrease. It’s the ideal pair of shoes for women.

Asics Gel Resolution 8 Review

There are several hues available for the Asics Gel Resolution 8 to accommodate various fashion tastes.Tennis shoes from Asics typically fit true to size. According to Asics, this size is equivalent to the following universal measurements: CM 28.25, UK 9.5, and EUR 44.5. The Asics brand symbol and complete logo are printed on the top of the lid of the Gel Resolution 8’s box, which is plainly colored brown.

The Asics High Abrasion Resistance rubber outsole, which has a special geometric tread design to increase longevity in key high wear regions that are prone to fading fast, is located at the bottom of the footwear.

The Gel Resolution 8’s midsole features a significant amount of Asics FlyteFoam that runs the whole length of the shoe for responsive and light comfort. The protective rubber covering is tough and resists wear; it has a little ventilation hole above the toes. The Asics Gel Resolution 8 also has a thicker, detachable Ortholite insole for improved comfort and moisture management. Asics is more substantial than most other insoles, which is a pleasant advantage.

Best Asics Shoes For Tennis – Top Pick For Men

Asics Court Ff 2 

The ASICS COURT FFTM 2 tennis shoe is loaded with innovative creativity to help you twist and hop after each ball. It will power your clay court game. The FLYTEFOAM midsole of the shoe will assist in giving your run some spring. The sophisticated composition reacts to the force of your leaps. Additionally, the shoe has GEL technology in the front and back to soften your landings so you can confidently reach up for that devastating smash. 

The SOLYTE insole prolongs the shoe’s life while enhancing your rebound. Because comfort is so important, Experts had the COURT FF model designed with a MONO-SOCK fit, which is simple to put on and wear.

Asics Court Ff 2 Review

The sneakers are packaged beautifully in a box that is light blue with a bold, cyan-colored logo emblazoned over the top and on both sides. Despite having a substantial midsole and robust toe protection on the front and inner edge, the shoes are lighter than they appear when you first take them up. Asics High Abrasion Resistance AHAR+ rubber in a wave design serves as the outsole. It provides exceptional traction and durability. 

Although it is an all-court outsole, its design will work best on hard courts since it will perform well on any surface. FlyteFoam in the shoe’s midsole provides comfort. According to Asics, this material is 76% more cushioning effective than typical midsoles while being 55% lighter. It’s a bold assertion, but one that doesn’t surprise us, given the weight of the footwear overall and the thickness of the midsole. 

The Asics Court FF 2’s upper eliminates the usual tongue in favor of a one-piece mono-sock design that makes them incredibly simple to put on and take off. Mesh is used to offer breathability near the front of the foot. It is counted in the list of best Asics shoes for tennis for men.

Top Selling Model – ASICS Gel-Challenger 13

When covering the baseline, the GEL-CHALLENGER 13 tennis shoe provides the sturdiness you require to enable you to concentrate on winning the point. Your feet stay firmly planted on the shoe’s platform thanks to the shoe’s robust top. In volleys or when you are stepping back to hunt down deep lob shots, it gives you a strengthened feeling. The sidewall is equipped with WINGWALL technology to provide stability when moving from side to side. This function provides strong assistance, allowing you to step into the pose and touch the ball more quickly.

 Asics Gel-Challenger 13 Women’s

Asics women’s Gel-Challenger 13 Shoes are suggested for tennis practice, particularly on clay. This type has an upper mesh that encourages sweat and keeps your skin dry and fresh for longer in the exterior region.

Since it has Wingwall technology, which creates appropriate solidity in your feet, you will feel that your feet will experience sufficient shock absorption during flexion. In the midsole, it also includes gel, a Solyte substance that enables energy exchange.

The AHAR PLUS technology in the sole of the Asics women’s sports shoes provides greater resilience on various surfaces. It has a conventional fastening with asymmetric laces placed along the inner side to provide extra support for the foot.When covering the baseline, the GEL-CHALLENGER 13 Clay tennis shoe provides the needed stability, allowing you to concentrate on winning the point.

There are many Asics Gel-Challenger 13 shoes available with various features. Additionally, such best Asics shoes for tennis are covered by the company’s approved warranty. Additionally, you may add more items to your order from some authentic websites’ Tennis shoes and Women’s shoes sections.

Asics Gel-Challenger 13 Men’s

In style, enter the courts. The stylish men’s GEL-CHALLENGER 13 shoes were made with recreational players in mind, making it easy to dash around the court and execute those expert serves. When performing fast, lateral movements, balance is increased by the under-laying stability in the forefoot and heel counter. Additionally, the TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology and a sturdy rubber outsole combine to boost grip and traction to reduce twisting and the risk of injury. 

An anti-gravel tongue keeps particles from getting into your footwear, thereby preventing play from being ruined by dirt and debris, saving you from having to stop. Bold, clashing colors and the ASICS logo are aggressively emblazoned on the side of the fashionable sneakers. They’ll complement any casual gym attire and give your tennis whites some color.


There are some new flagship models from the best Asics shoes for tennis. For eight generations, the top-selling brand of Asics performance tennis shoes has prioritized stability. Asics has three main shoe lines: Gel-Resolution, Solution Speed, and Court FF. Gel-Resolution has been created for baseline players. 

Solution Speed is more lightweight and made for players who play swiftly toward the net. Court FF combines the two for the brand’s most technological advances in an all-court layout. According to Asics, A baseliner spends more than 70% of their time playing sideways along the back of the court. Whenever you want to buy any perfect pair for your foot, consider our recommended best Asics shoes for tennis.

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