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Sports and other activities that require kids to run, jump, and keep active are enjoyed by kids of all ages. Additionally, constant running can occasionally cause serious rips in their footwear. So the best running shoes for kids/girls are on our top kids’ running shoes list. These children’s training sneakers fit them nicely and are cozy. They are sturdy, protect your youngster from collision and harm, and are specifically made for running.

It might be challenging to choose the ideal pair of shoes for your children. Things get much more challenging when you consider that children frequently have flat feet. You’ll notice how much of a difference it makes in correcting their overpronating step, though, if you eventually discover the appropriate pair of shoes. Absolutely, the hassle is worthwhile.

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15 Best Running Shoes For Kids/Girls

Choosing the ideal road shoe for your children might be challenging. Things get much more challenging when you consider that children frequently have flat feet. You’ll notice how much of a difference it makes in correcting their overpronation step if you eventually discover the appropriate pair of shoes. The hassle is worthwhile.

Here, look out for the best running shoes for kids/girls with a collection of colorful, entertaining designs to find the ideal one that is safe and sound for your kid.

Asics GT 1000 – Ideal for Overpronation

The Asics GT 1000s are designed to keep you cool and comfortable thanks to a breathable mesh upper combination for airflow. A Duomax support framework and gel cushioning give additional support by absorbing the stress of impacting hard surfaces such as pavement.

As a result, the best running shoes for kids/girls are Asics GT-1000s that are ideal for children who overpronate, which means their arches slide inward while they run. These sneakers come in a range of sizes and colors.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 – Kids’ Road Runs

Searching for a high quality athletic pedigree, best running shoes for kids/girls ? It’s right here. Its kids’ version is uber-comfy, soft, and flexible, with all the Pegasus innovation you’d expect from Nike’s classic trail running shoes, featuring springy React foam and a bouncy Zoom Air component. 

Thanks to the lightweight and breathable mesh upper design, your youngster can gallop about in comfort, whether they’re pursuing a personal best or leading a massive game. A cushioned midsole with a waffle-inspired design gives traction and durability, and the flywire cable laces for a snug, secure fit in one pull are our favorite features.

Saucony Running Shoes

A kids’ version of Saucony’s signature neutral professional running shoe will delight your little one. Its bouncy EVA cushioned midsole protects growing bones from impact and provides a comfortable, responsive ride, making it ideal for emerging athletes who run several times a week. The one-piece upper is breathable, lightweight, and fully effortless, which reduces the possibility of blisters and friction. 

This pair of Saucony kids running boots have a gripping Tri-Flex rubber outsole that bends with the foot for smooth transitions. The toe cap is strengthened for durability, and parents worldwide will enjoy the ‘anti-stink’ footwear liner.

Under Armour Running Shoes – 3 kid sized Shoes

The Charged Rogue 3 has the most advanced technology from Under Armour’s kids performance shoes, making it suitable for fast road runs and after-school activities. The Charged Cushioning midsole from UA is praised for its softness, impact absorption, and quick reactivity, which healthy runners will love.

The soft sock liner offers a comfortable fit and anti-odor technology, That’s why it’s counted in the best running shoes for kids/girls. Its exterior heel counter keeps young feet stable. With a firm rubber sole and strategically positioned pods in high-abrasion areas, it’s also a sure bet for longevity.

 Mosha Belle Shoes – Running Sneakers 

The Mosha Belle shoes for kids may be what you’re searching for if your child prefers to stand out from the crowd. Your child will probably like these because they are unusual and unlike the standard design seen on runners at this age. Fortunately, it is also unisex. It’s not just about appearances, so it’s the best running shoes for girls

The build quality is excellent, with rubber grips on the soles. On the bright side, it can withstand some roughhousing on the playground. The mesh fabric is still quite airy at that time, but it is not waterproof. Overall, this product is more affordable than the other goods on the list.

Merrell Kids Shoes – Trail Quest Hiking Sneaker

If you have a child playing hard, you’ll quickly discover that you’ll need to change their shoes more frequently than anticipated. These Merrell best running shoes for kids include a more durable construction while still providing toddlers with the lighter sensation of a sneaker, simple on and off, and a padded EVA midsole. 

It’s the finest pair of boots for a child’s foot health.It boasts a gripping, flexible sole with just enough stability for kids who want to tear up the playground or the nature walk. This pair of Merrells is machine washable and has an anti-odor liner to help eliminate smells.

Simple Joys by Carter’s | Casual Slip – On Canvas Footwear

Consider this adorable slip-on toddler shoe from Simple Joys by Carter’s to avoid dealing with Velcro-style straps. It has a soft top that is strong enough to maintain shape without pressing against your child’s foot. The synthetic sole also aids in improving the kid’s feet staying when they are running. 

For any mud puddle run-ins, these best running shoes for kids/girls are simple to spot-clean with soap and water. Children with regular to wide-width feet shouldn’t have any issues wearing them. However, young kids with small feet can struggle. Five designs are available, including a sparkly unicorn and modest dinosaurs.

Girls New Balance Shoes – 860 V11 Sneakers

Some children, like adults, overpronate when running, meaning their ankle rolls inward more than is desirable. Shoes like the 860 contain characteristics like a denser medial post in the midsole to counteract this and balance tiny feet without being too evident for toddlers with typical pronation. 

The V11, the newest iteration of this eternally popular stability shoe, is light yet has a lot of foam cushioning at the midsole, making it ideal for children training for longer distances. Because it comes in normal and wide variants, kids with wider or flat feet have also been drawn to it for increased support and stability underfoot.

Little Kids’ Adaptive High-Top Shoes, Kai Run Dean

The See Kai Run shoes are frequently mentioned on best running shoes for kids/girls lists because each pair is APMA certified. This brand emphasizes healthy foot development. Experts’ favorite adapted toddler shoe is this pair since it is particularly made for children who could require a brace, another sort of orthopedic insert, or a custom cushioned midsole put to the shoe.

This high-top shoe has a supple, flexible upper lined with few openings to lessen sensory irritability. Parents claim their children can easily put on and take off See Kai Run shoes independently, and the brand’s designs are particularly adorable.

Dream Pairs Athletic Sports Sneakers

The Dream Pairs shoes fit perfectly for kids with pediatric flat feet and a broad shoe shape. Even if the arch support could be better, the added toe and heel support can simplify jogging. It takes some of the weight off the collapsed arches.With the elasticized laces attached, you can attain a snug fit, especially if your child has wider feet. However, there might be better options.

Letting a kid go around with a strap flying in their face is risky since they can slip and fall. So, you’ll need to buy these new best running shoes for kids/girls velcro if it eventually fails.

Salomon Kids Speedcross Trail Running Shoes

The Speedcross Junior has the same high quality, trail-friendly features people love about the adult shoes model and is perfect for youngsters who like running or trekking off-road. The EVA-cushioned midsole of the shoe provides a smooth ride and strong rebounding, while the Contragrip lugged outsole provides good traction on any surface.

The breathable mesh upper is cozy and well-ventilated with a “Sensifit” lacing system that keeps feet securely in place and a toe cover that shields the forefoot from falls. The shoe’s one-pull quick lace system makes it simple to slip into and out of them without untying, which is the nicest feature from a child’s point of view.

Nyznia Kids Running Shoes  

The Nynzia sneaker can suit you if you’re seeking something economical and adaptable. You can place orthotics based on the degree of pediatric flat feet your child possesses. By doing so, you may customize the arch support to your preferences.

Just remember not to have high hopes for the insole that comes with the shoe. The variety of features is truly a terrific deal for the asking price. Eighteen designs are available for a good run, ranging from plain colors to camouflage. Its texture is a non-slip sole. It will support the heel, and the outsole is constructed heavily. Its design is simple and devoid of any exterior logos or insignia

Kubua Kids Sneakers

The kids’ running shoes offer a 50-inch platform for added comfort and are designed for participating in sports. These shoes prevent sweat or unpleasant odor for extended periods thanks to their cushioned insoles, rubber outsole, and breathable fabric. The shoes’ soles include shock-absorbing technology, are covered in fabric, and have a cushioned collar to shield your youngster from injuries and muscle sprains. Your child can put these on with ease because of its hook-and-loop clasp.

Adidas Ultraboost 22 – Junior Kids Running Footwear

These shoes are costly, no doubt. However, if your budget allows it, they are worth considering because they have the same technology as their adult shoe. In addition to the stiffer LEP torsion system, which improves the shoe’s adaptability, the midsole’s Energetic Boost cushioning is designed to keep healthy runners comfortable over longer runs. 

The cushy Primeknit top has at least 50% recycled Parley Ocean Plastic and padding around the heel to avoid blisters. You won’t have to worry about kids’ feet remaining steady. So its best running shoes for kids/girls thanks to its gripping Continental outsole, which guarantees exceptional asphalt traction in wet and dry conditions.

Adidas Terrex Agravic Boa X Lego Trail Shoes Kids

Your child will give it a top priority over other shoes. They will adore this vibrant Adidas Terrex and Lego collaboration.  It is designed for the trail but is at home on the playground. The EVA midsole delivers excellent cushioning across challenging surfaces, while the Traxion outsole gives a broad grip for great traction off-road. Although an Ortholite sock liner is needed for additional support, parents will likely prefer the Boa fit mechanism. For an adjustable fit that’s the best running shoes for kids/girls, turn the lace wheel to tighten (no lace tying!).


The guide has come to an end. The information here will help you and your children select the best running shoes for kids/girls with flat feet. The key point to be learned is to search for a foot with strong midfoot and heel support. These two characteristics are essential for correcting an over pronation gait caused by flat feet.

In addition, you should prioritize the fabric’s elasticity, closing stability, and, of course, sizing guides. Finally, it’s crucial to remember that pediatric flat feet are a problem that often resolves over time. All your youngster needs is stability in their feet, some arch support, and a lot of endurance.


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