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Typically, while making a first impression, shoes are the first thing people look at and the last thing they see as they go. There is no denying that a gorgeous pair of shoe brands for men can transform even the most boring outfit since they are the foundation of every fashionable look. We raced against the clock to rank ready-to-wear footwear brands that cost $400 and over. So you can find the best shoe brands for men that meet your style and budget.

The proper pair of branded shoes for men should be chosen together with your suit or tuxedo for your wedding day. After all, shoes round off the appearance. Whether you’re a groom seeking an elegant pair of special, made-to-order dress shoes or a wedding guest searching for shoe brands for men of oxfords or loafers that will last you for years. Finding a designer or brand you can trust for style and comfort is essential.

Top 12 Brand Mens Shoes For Wedding

Consider the durability, comfort, and overall design of a company’s men’s shoe brands collection to help you decide. It’s also vital to think about the event’s formality. Black tie events need tuxedo shoes, whereas semi-formal weddings have a more relaxed dress code and your unique style. 

We looked at the top selections with these qualities in mind among the various men’s dress shoes available on the market. Here are our best options, which range from elegant to informal styles.

Beckett Simonon

Selecting top shoe brands for men of formal custom footwear for the big day gives your wedding attire a distinctive touch. Beckett Simonon focuses on creating handcrafted, superior bespoke dress shoes that are affordable. Additionally, there are many distinct styles available from the company.

Additionally, Beckett Simonon shoes have a layer of sustainability due to their made-to-order business approach. These men’s dress shoes encourage wiser consumption, lean manufacturing with no unsold inventory, and less waste.

Bruno Magli Men’s Shoes

Bruno Magli’s selection of men’s high quality formal shoes offers a choice of styles for every special occasion. Outfit, from patent leather lace-ups to dress boots. Since the 1930s, the heritage company has created pairs of shoes, giving genuine Italian quality to soles for nearly a century. They know how to make excellent men’s shoe brands that will last for years, to put it simply.

Ted Baker London Men’s Shoes

Ted Baker remains the best shoe brand for men in casual special event wear. They provide many styles for their suave Brogue creations, including many sneaker versions. More casual interpretation of men’s dress shoes. These designer shoes are meant to hit the dance floor repeatedly and are ideal for the laid-back groom or wedding guest.

Traditional Marco II Monk Strap Shoe

The most important aspect for Huntington Beach, co-founder of Cleobella, is thinking about it while wearing formal shoes. He liked how its single monk strap design can be dressed up or down for many occasions, from weddings to evenings out. Such luxury shoes are super comfortable as well, especially for stiffer shoes.

Ace Marks

Ace Marks is counted in the list of best shoe brands for men. It is another emerging manufacturer that embraces traditional Italian artistry while maintaining an inexpensive price range. Its shoes are handcrafted using full-grain Italian or French calfskin leather and a closed-stitch Blake flex construction.

Ace Marks’ shoes are significantly more expensive since it has yet to choose a group made-to-order approach. Its shoes also obtain spectacular finishes with hand-burnishing and dying due to its cooperation with a 4th-generation family-owned firm. You’ll have the lovely best brand of shoes for men that fit because they’re made in conventional American Brannock size.


Velasca is another new-age for the best shoe brands for men direct-to-consumer shoemakers specializing in premium Made in Italy footwear. The manufacturing facilities that create the brand’s shoes and boots are meticulously chosen, with only artisans from the legendary Marche being used. 

Keeping tight working relationships with each of them guarantees that standards are painstakingly high quality and that the whole supply chain is transparent. Velasca’s collection includes everything from formal Oxfords and slippers to laidback moccasins and Chelsea boots. Each is handcrafted using top-quality calf leather and suede.

Berluti Brand of Shoes for Men

Although it has recently evolved into the list of best shoe brands for men in the fashion industry. French label Berluti has retained its substantial shoe-making legacy. Berluti has been known for its outstanding leather-making since it was founded in 1895 by Italian Alessandro Berluti. It was best known for its whole-cut Oxford created from a single piece of leather (its gradient tanning is also unparalleled).

Danridge Double Buckle Monk Dress Shoes

These double-strap shoes feature the same antiqued leather treatment that O’Brien loves. Heavier dye deposits around the toe and heel (the areas of a shoe that would typically begin to show its age first), providing increased longevity. Everyone loves the color variation from light to dark in this shoe brand. The color combination of light and dark brown is ideal for any occasion.

Gucci Men’s Shoes

Its name implies that it is one of the best shoe brands for men. Gucci is the first name that arises when considering luxurious shoes for formal occasions. Gucci is the go-to name for elegant formal footwear that always stays in style, from timeless loafer shapes to traditional lace-up forms. 

Whether you’re a guest or planning your wedding, a pair of Gucci shoes may lend a touch of elegance to your wedding attire. Experts also like how adaptable their designs are. Their loafers, lace-ups, and oxfords are suitable to match with a tuxedo or three-piece suit, but they also look great with pants and a jacket.

Edward Green Footwear

Edward Green shoes are among the most costly best shoe brands for men’s identity on this list. But their price is justified because they are produced from the finest leathers available.

Every pair is handmade in Northampton, following the same principles that have guided the company since its founding in 1890. The eternal elegance of the distinctively English style is carefully replicated in each pair of shoes through delicate construction and polishing.


Barker is one of the most prevalent British brands for men’s shoe labels in the country. The footwear firm has been in business for over 135 years. Only carefully selected leather is used by this manufacturer, and the top section of the shoes is manufactured by hand on the last. Barker is currently one of the classic shoe-making procedures, polishing, and gradual natural dyeing.


Joseph Cheaney started Cheaney in 1886. It is considered one of the best shoe brands for men in the UK world. In 1896, he and his brother, Arthur, relocated to the current location of the plant. Cheaney is well-known for producing traditional, bench-made shoes and boots. Cheaney began by producing white-level shoes only for reputable and prominent shops worldwide.


The British may have a less extensive gastronomic history, and the weather could be better, but when it comes to fashion, the country’s tradition is unparalleled. Several casual wear brands are the most original and creative on the market. Then there’s the pair of shoes. British shoemakers have been hand-cutting, preserving, and polishing high quality footwear for hundreds of years. 
The shoe business has maintained loyalty to its tradition by focusing on quality materials and time-tested production processes. It also maintains the British economy robust during the economic downturn. Above all are the best shoe brands for men and British luxury manufacturers. You may also discover more about the leading shoe brands in the marketplace for a perfect look.

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