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Alaska is undoubtedly a place that will put your packing abilities to the test, from the icy winter to the warm summer. Determining what to bring to Alaska might be challenging, especially for your feet. Since there are so many diverse things to enjoy there, the climate is a dynamic force that changes as frequently as you check the weather report.

The key to enjoying your vacation to Alaska is picking shoes right for you. Poor decisions will leave you with chilly and damp feet, which is completely unfun. If you make the right decision, your feet will be comfy, you won’t trip or fall in danger, and you won’t even notice your feet (the ideal result!).

If you want to enjoy your trips and comfortably explore the stunning beauty of Alaska, you must pack the best shoes for an Alaska cruise

Best Shoes for Alaskan Cruise

It’s critical to carry all the appropriate footwear for such a journey to have a fantastic experience. Alaska may experience various weather, including cold, rainy, and arid conditions. The Best Shoes for Alaskan Cruise listed below are practical and comfy, so keep them in mind as you prepare for your upcoming Alaskan cruise. The greatest shoes on Alaskan cruises are highlighted in the following list!

Sandals for Alaska

Sandals for Alaska

Our favorite style is the Chaco Z/2 Classic, offered for both genders.

These sandals with multiple straps are ideal for Alaska because they provide strong foot stability for a sandal. Even while walking through water, the sole’s unique rubber is excellent for grabbing onto anything.

For Men (Chacos Z/2 Classic)

One of the most well-known brands of adventure sandals is Chaco, and its versions with adjustable Z-straps are famous in the hiking and water sports industries. Due to its cozy and well-cushioned midsole, deep lugs for sinking into softer ground like dirt and sand, and tight straps, their Z/Cloud has long been a favorite among specialists. 

The forefoot and heel are properly held in place. It is on the larger and thicker end at 1 pound 14 ounces for each pair, but the trade-off is excellent longevity and all-around support for most easy to moderate terrain. Experts tested these best shoes for Alaska cruise and found they might last up to three years of continuous usage before being resolved or replaced. 

For Women (Chacos Z/2 Classic)

Such a classic series, which has been reliable and streamlined since 1989, has just eight elements, resulting in the straightforward, classic sandal design that has been its trademark. Every pair has our podiatrist-certified LUVSEATTM PU footbed for all-day assistance and comfort, flexible straps to accommodate your foot precisely, and a toe-loop for further forefoot control. These features are standard. These best sandals for Alaska‘s latest best-performing Classic outsole now have ChacoGripTM rubber. ReChaco has been designed with repairability in mind.

Best Winter Boots for Alaska

Every year, Alaska transforms into a snowy paradise from October through April. You can take in Alaska’s stunning snow-covered terrain without risking frostbite by investing in the Best shoes for Alaska cruise in winter. (Not a major issue, but potentially conceivable if you’re spending evenings outside in Fairbanks’ -35°F temps admiring the northern lights!)  

Salomon X Ultra Winter CLIMA SALOMON Waterproof 2

CLIMA SALOMON Waterproof 2

The Salomon X Ultra Winter will become your best companion during the Alaskan winter because of its sturdy water-resistant construction. They can withstand heavy powder snow, moist ground, and slush puddles.

With Thinsulate insulating technology, the Salomon X Ultra Winter offers enough warmth on bitterly cold days. It is the best men’s winter boots for Alaska. The top is made of full-grain leather, which absorbs snow and liquids quite effectively. They are also incredibly cozy and ideal for a range of surfaces. They are strong enough to hike and light enough to run on snow-pack tracks.

Best Waterproof Hiking Boots For Alaska

You will learn a trick for individuals who enjoy hiking but don’t want to spend money on new hiking boots for Alaska travel when you first start visiting Alaska after moving away from trail running shoes. Solid best waterproof hiking boots for Alaska will often manage surfaces just as well as hiking boots, costing less to buy and weighing less to tote.

Pair of Salomon XA PRO 3D v8 GORE-TEX

It’s a fantastic alternative designed for men and women, and it’s ideal for anything from jogging in Valdez to trekking Flattop near Anchorage to touring the Exit Glacier region close to Seward. Thanks to its premium wet traction grip and waterproof Gore-Tex fabric, your feet will stay dry and comfy. The traction soles offer sturdy support and excellent trail stability.

If you are familiar with Salomon trail running shoes, this model is an improved version of the renowned XA PRO 3D GORE-TEX. The style of this new pair of sneakers is softer and lighter. Ideal for practically any path in Alaska once again.

Best Walking Shoes for Alaska

Although Alaska is so large, you will walk a lot there even if you won’t go from end to end. So, to avoid blisters and bruising when hiking in Alaska, you need to invest in a comfortable pair of footwear. In Alaska, there’s a joke that says tourists can always be identified by their brand-new white New Balance shoes.

For Women: TOMs Mesa Boot

The TOMS Mesa Boots do not sacrifice flair for utility. We adore mine and have worn them everywhere, from Alaska to Utah to Ohio. They are as incredibly comfy as all TOMS. The OrthoLite footbed provides support for your fee. It gives you the firmness you need for those lengthy treks.

For Women ( TOMs Mesa Boot) has an ankle boot design and is excellent for folks who desire more ankle support when walking in Alaska. The lugged rubber outsole of these shoes ensures that slick areas won’t be an issue. The trendy design doesn’t sacrifice utility because their leather and suede are stylish and durable.

For Men: TOMS Ashland Boot

The TOMS Ashland Boot is unquestionably one of the greatest footwear for men in Alaska. They are the male equivalent of the Mesa boot, so, unsurprisingly, they made our list of the best shoes for Alaska cruise.

This hard-wearing boot features a strong construction that is perfect for lengthy hikes. It is made of high-quality, water-resistant materials. Thanks to their cushioned footbed and sturdy lug outsole, they provide hikers with the best traction.

The boots’ high-top, padded collar, and gusseted tongue keep outside elements out and the interior dry. These for men: TOMS Ashland Boot are also available in three more hues: black, peanut brown, and topaz brown. 

Best Rain Boots for Alaska

Most people are unaware that Alaska’s summer is its rainiest season. Don’t skimp while shopping for Best Rain Boots for Alaska; waterproof, not water-resistant shoes are what you require. Like everything else, it pours heavily in Alaska when it rains.

For men: XTRAUFs

The Best Rain Boots for Alaska for both genders are XTRAUFs. For men: XTRAUFs are comfy for a long way. You’ll notice that most Alaskans own at least one pair of them, making them a mainstay. Due to the frequently moist weather in Alaska, you need footwear that can handle the wet and muddy conditions seen on sidewalks, trails, and other surfaces.

For women: XTRAFUs

You may be familiar with it if you watch shows like Greatest Catch. This Alaskan firm has been developing shoes for fifty years; initially, they made footwear for fishing boats. For women: XTRAFUs are so easy to walk in the rainy season in Alaska.

Hiking Sandals vs. Trail Runners and Hiking

As discussed above, sandals naturally provide little stability, assistance, and protection, especially when compared to trail running and hiking footwear. In other words, most people should leave their sandals at home if they plan to travel a lot of distance in a day or go on multi-day expeditions into the wilderness. Sandals—even hiking-focused ones like Chaco’s Z/Cloud—are underbuilt for those aims. Covering the rugged and uneven ground with a pack is already difficult.

Due to the absence of support underfoot, your toes will not only get painful and achy but will also be exposed to hazards like pebbles and roots, increasing the risk of turning your ankle. Many people (including ourselves) walk in Chacos throughout summer, but only on well-maintained route networks and shorter day excursions. People wear their trail runners or trekking best shoes for Alaska cruise for anything tougher. 

Wrap Up!  

Our readers love going to Alaska, but many frequently worry about the best shoes for Alaska cruise to bring there. Alaska is rainy and boasts among the world’s rainiest cities, so your packing list could change based on the month. So, you must have waterproof shoes. 

The Alaska season runs from May through September when the weather is not too cold or snowy. Travelers can wear lighter attire during this time of year, swim in the pool, and possibly even enjoy some sunbathing! However, Alaska considers summer the “rainy season” in Alaska, so be aware that your summer cruise may contain some rain. Winter is the snowy season. 

All of the Best shoes for Alaska cruises listed above will assist you in picking the most suitable footwear. 

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