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How to clean leather shoes is now easy for everyone. A stylish pair of leather shoes does wonders for an ensemble. Cleaning leather footwear will help you maintain your investment if you have a nice pair. Keeping leather shoes and boots is simple as long as you have the necessary tools. Due to its strength, resistance to the elements, and aesthetic appeal, leather is utilized in footwear. Cleaning leather helps to retain its strength. It also allows the material to endure longer.

Once you know how to clean the surfaces of the shoe properly, you’ll be able to take care of every pair of leather shoes. You’re likely to buy it in your lifetime. Just remember that leather tends to shrink, dry up, and crack when it gets wet, so leave your kicks at home on rainy days. Do not forget to avoid using water to keep them fresh.They will serve you for longer if you maintain them sharp.

How To Clean Your Leather Shoes, A Simple Step-By-Step Method

A new pair of clean leather shoes sounds so thrilling. We rush out and buy them without giving the maintenance and handling they require after the purchase any thought. However, keeping them safe is essential to ensuring their longevity. Nothing can be done to avoid the unavoidable accumulation of scuff marks, nicks, and general grime over time from repeated wear. 

Fortunately, it is fairly possible to clean leather shoes at home. You can freshen your shoes with household products easily. Experts have broken down the technique for your convenience. Please continue reading to discover how to clean leather shoes so they once again seem brand new.

What You Require

The following things are the best for normal leather shoes. However, if your shoes are suede, follow our How to clean leather shoes recommendations since they need specific care. Ordinary leather products can harm your ideal pair of clean leather shoes.

  • A shoe cleaning soft bristled brush to remove loose debris and grime from between the grooves.
  • A unique brush for applying Combi Foam ( soft side).
  • Combi Foam works with the soft side of our unique brush to easily remove salt and water marks.
  • Saddle soap
  • Shoe polish to shine and brighten your leather shoes.
  • Shoe protection spray helps keep dirt and wetness out of your footwear.
  • A soft cloth

A Step-by-Step Approach

Step 1. Prepare surface and footwear

In a workplace, spread out some newspaper or a rag. Keep a pair of shoes down to keep the leather in place. You can also use crumpled paper.

Step 2.Remove the laces from your shoes

Remove the laces to avoid getting water or polish on them. Although occasionally, they could also require a wash. Make sure to wash them in the washing machine or get a new pair if they are filthy.

Step 3. Remove dirt with a horsehair brush

Brush off all the dirt with a soft bristled brush before beginning the operation. Experts recommend that you only use shoes designed for clean leather shoes since they have a mild impact. Brush smoothly down the shoe’s seam and sole, not harming the leather.  Brush dirt and dust away using a horsehair brush in rapid, short strokes. It prepares your pair for polishing in the next phases.

Step 4. Use saddle soap to thoroughly clean

Saddle soap will not be necessary for routine maintenance. It’s best suited for filthy shoes or eliminating wax and shine buildup.Saphir’s saddle soap comes with a foam applicator for application. Wet the sponge with a couple of drops of water and gently scrape it into the leather. The soap will lather up and soak the leather.

After gathering the entire pair, wipe away the remaining suds and soap using a microfiber towel. The pair will still be moist, so wait 8 to 24 hours before proceeding to the following step. 

Step 5. Use polish and rub them in with a shoe brush

Using a clean, soft cloth and a clear or similar colored polish, apply the polish in a circular motion throughout the boot. It will prevent the leather shoe from stains, nourish it, and make the color more vibrant. However, be cautious of any stitching that is a different color.

Step 6. Shine the shoes

Allow the polish to soak for a few minutes when you’re finished. Then, using short, steady strokes, polish the shoe correctly using a fresh, clean, soft cloth or a buffing brush.

Step 7. Let dry

Allow your shoes and boots to air dry. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight (or a heater) since this might cause discoloration or cracks in the leather. So, how to clean leather shoes is no longer a task. You can easily clean your boots at home flawlessly.

Step 8. Spray in with protector spray

After cleaning and polishing your leather shoes, spray them with excellent protection spray from a distance of 30 cm. The process will soften, supple, and waterproof your shoes. Make sure to do this at least four times a year, more if you live in a wet location. 

How to Clean White Leather Sneakers so They Look New

Put 50/50 white vinegar and water on the interior of the white leather shoes. Apply it with a soft cloth. For footwear to dry in a well-ventilated area, 15 to 20 minutes should be given. Then, using a moist towel, wipe away the vinegar .Let the clean leather shoes white air dry fully before wearing.

  • Most Effective Way to Clean White Leather
  1. To keep white leather clean.
  2. Choose one of these two methods:
  3. A spray bottle should combine 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil and 1/4 cup vinegar.
  • But How to Remove Leather Stains.
  1. Dark Spots: Make a mixture of one part lemon juice. Add One part cream of tartar to remove black stains from light-colored leather.
  • Does vinegar damage leather?

How to clean leather shoes is easy, but how to clean white leather shoes is meaningful. Any cleaning solution with a high pH, such as vinegar or lemon juice, damages leather fibers. It causes excessive drying, resulting in ugly fissures. Avoid using olive or coconut oil, as well as furniture polishes because they absorb the oil easily.

Have A Stubborn Stain That Won’t Go Away?

Here are some fast tips for cleaning some of the most difficult stains that may completely damage leather shoes:

  1. Ink

To remove ink, use a polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Wipe the stain (dab with the agent) rather than rubbing it. If you rub the ink stain, it will spread even more. Continue blotting until the stain is gone. Wipe away any residue with a clean, moist cloth before carefully drying the area with a towel.

  1. Oil-based Stains

On the discoloration, sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch. With a moist cloth, carefully rub the baking soda into the discoloration. You must then allow the agent to do its work, so leave it someplace for a few hours or overnight for the best effects. The agent will absorb the oil seeped into the leather and eliminate the staining substance. When the powder has finished, clean it with a dry towel.

  1. Scuffs

How to clean leather shoes if they have a stubborn mark, so toothpaste is an excellent cleaning agent for leather. For the greatest effects, it must be non-gel. Apply some to the scuffed area and rub it away with a soft cloth.

  1. Other Stains

You might also use a simple solution that combines cream of tartar and lemon juice in equal portions. It only works on light-colored leather since it has a little bleaching impact. You may use the resulting paste to remove a variety of stains. Allow the solution to rest on the surface for at least 30 minutes before removing the paste with a moist towel.


Leather shoes are a significant investment. So everyone may easily learn how to clean leather shoes. They are made to last; if you care for them by maintaining the leather in good condition, it will pay off greatly.

A little tender loving care with a brush and polish goes a long way. Enjoy the process and take things slowly. You’ll discover that caring for your shoes is seldom a burdensome duty but rather a satisfying way to support the art of shoemaking. 

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