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One of those baffling, frequently asked topics about beauty is How to curl hair with straightener. Why? Because if you master the method, you won’t need to spend money on additional hair tools to convert your hair straighteners and curling tongs. Despite its name, a flat iron is far more versatile than a hair with a flat straightener. 

When used correctly, this styling tool may also function beautifully as a curling iron, making it simple to achieve anything from large, bouncy curls to delicate beach waves. Using this multipurpose tool to curl comes with several significant advantages, in addition to clearing up your makeup drawer (or carry-on luggage).

Experts guarantee that once you master the straightforward technique, adding everything from gorgeous ringlets to stylish chick waves to your hair without curlers will be a breeze.

How To Curl Hair With Straightener

Using a straightener to curl your hair may produce big, bouncy curls that don’t resemble ringlets. You’ll look beautiful and be almost ready for the red carpet after you master the technique, which takes a little practice. Follow along to see how to achieve the lovely looser curls you’ve always desired without using a curling iron.

 So, how to curl hair with a flat iron is easy to know for lovely girls.

  1. Prepping Your Hair
  • Start with hair that is tidy and dry.

 Make sure your hair is fully dry and clean before you begin. Both moist and wet hair will not curl in the slightest. It’s ideal to have dry hair even if you have one of those fantastic wet-to-dry hair straighteners. Ensure your hair has been washed within 24 hours because dirty hair won’t keep its form very well.

  1. Use mousse if you’re blow-drying your hair first. As you curl your hair, the added volume will prevent it from seeming too flat.
  • Use a thin flat iron.

If your straightener doesn’t have rounded sides and is between 1 and 2 inches (2.5 and 5 cm) wide from plate to handle, it won’t produce lovely curls. Curls cannot be produced with a flat, paddle-style iron. If you use this type of hair with a flat iron, it will be much more challenging to hold and wrap, and the hair won’t want to stay in the desired position.

  1. Make sure your flat iron is of high caliber. The most incredible irons do less harm to your hair, work more quickly, and smooth it out. They may significantly affect aspects like shine and curl consistency. Here you may look at premium possibilities if you need to replace your flat iron.
  1. The iron should be heated to the lowest temperature necessary for your hair. Stick to the lower end of the scale, below 300 degrees, if your hair is fine and thinning. At 300 to 380 degrees, you may iron normal hair. If your hair tends to be thick, coarse, or curly, you can increase the setting to 350 to 400. During this procedure, remember to keep the straightener away from your face.
  • Apply Heat Protectant

So that the hair won’t “frizzle” and burn, a heat protectant or thermal spray is used to provide a layer of protection between the hair and the iron. No need to comb your hair after spraying it because it should sprinkle on and dry rapidly.

  1. Spray it on each section of hair before styling it. The lowest layers will only be reached if you spray it on the top of your hair.
  2. Before using heat, be sure to detangle any knots in your hair.
  • Part Your Hair Into Sections.

If you segment your hair, you’ll have more success curling it than if you try to tackle the entire problem at once. Generally speaking, the more sections you must do, the thicker your hair is. Put a bun on your head and secure the hair over your ears. It must be placed out of the way.

  1. Start at the base of your head, near your neck and ears, with as much hair as possible, and leave down for your initial “layer” of curls. Working with 1 to 2-inch portions at a time is a decent rule of thumb. The rest, pinup.
  2. You’ll unclip your hair and let down a second layer when that layer is finished. Once more, snip what you can’t now curl. Continue to create looser curls  in layers.

2. Evaluating Various Techniques

  • Switch Between Flicks And Curls

Said how to curl hair with straightener. Therefore, flicks and curls are distinct hair with a flat iron curling technique. Try both and decide which you prefer.

  1. Flicks: Start halfway down the length of the hair, hold the iron shut, and then, in one-half turn, spin it back on itself. By this point, the hair and iron should have formed a U-shape. Move the iron carefully along the hair shaft to the end of the hair while maintaining the half-turn angle. The curl or flick will be less noticeable as you move the iron more quickly. Iron at a slower pace if you like huge, soft flicks.
  1. Curls: Clamp the iron shut and spin it back on itself a half turn (just as with flicks), starting reasonably close to the scalp (but not too close to burn it inadvertently). Slowly move the iron to the end of the hair shaft. Again, the curl will be tighter the slower you move the iron. The wave becomes softer the more quickly you move the iron.
  • Turn The Straightener A Complete Turn Rather Than Just A Half-Turn To Create Tighter Curls.

You just needed to turn the hair with a straightener and a half turn for flicks and curls. Turn the hair over into itself with the straightener turned entirely around to create complete, ringlet-like curls.

  1. Learn what your hair typically does between the half and complete turn. You could discover that a quarter turn is better for you or that half is plenty. Additionally, some days feel like a half-turn and others like a full-turn. You are in charge.
  • Try Rotating Your Straightener Over And Under.

It would help if you choose whether to turn under and around or over and around while rotating your flat iron, whether it is a half-rotation or a full-rotation. Although the curl will change direction with the angle shift, both options are correct. Which suits you the best?

  1. Be as consistent as you can. It’s simple to curl one way on one side and then accidentally swap directions when you switch arms. If you mistakenly do this, you’ll likely be the only person to notice that your curls point in two separate directions.
  2. Alternating directions may also look fantastic. Just be sure you stick to the same format all along.
  • Try flat waves

Now and again, it’s time to go back to 1995. Turn to raise your flat iron’s temperature by half a turn while clamping it down on your hair. After that, clamp it to the subsequent section of hair and reduce the turn by half. With this method, you’ll get flat waves that resemble finger waves in specific ways. Follow this procedure through your hair.

  1. You’re pulling all of your hair tight for these flat waves. Curling involves simply curling at the top and dragging it slowly downward, much like curling ribbon on a present or balloon.

3. Curling Your Hair

  • Add Some Hairspray

Apply hairspray to parts just before curling them if your hair doesn’t curl readily or holds a curl. Spray a small amount of hairspray on the hair shortly before curling it if you want your curls to retain their shape precisely as they do when they fall from the straightener.

  1. Use a functioning spray that isn’t an aerosol for this. A sticky mess will be produced by aerosols.
  2. Additionally, avoid using too much hairspray. When that happens, it turns rigid and crunchy, which is not the appearance you want.

It’s simple to spray your hair and move it in the direction you desire if you’re wondering how to curl hair with a straightener for beginners.

  • Take Hold Of The Hair Area You Wish To Curl.

You may choose how much hair goes into each curl, but bear the following in mind:

  1. Smaller portions produce more curls that are smaller, tighter, and more numerous. Keep your pieces under two inches wide for a more ringlet-like appearance.
  2. More significant parts produce looser curly hair and bounce around more naturally. For large curls, use parts that are broader than two inches.
  3. Shake things up. You are not required to stick just to one size. For instance, you may create lift and volume by doing bigger curls close to your face and on top of your head and support by doing tighter, more delicate curls beneath. Check out a few variations and decide which one you like the most. You may choose how much hair goes into each curl, but bear the following in mind:
  • Use One Of The Strategies Listed Above

The main concepts used in all of the techniques above are to flip your hair straightener on its side and pull it down your hair gently and lightly. Maintain a mild clamp to hold the hair on the straightener plates; avoid clamping too firmly, or the hair may fall out.

  1. The factors that you can change? How slowly you move the flat iron, how much you spin the flat iron, and where you begin on your hair (at the ends or closer to the scalp). To discover your ideal appearance, play around with these three factors.
  2. Additionally, you don’t have to curl all of your hair. Straight or merely waved hair gives you a casual, beachy appearance.
  • Finish Up

When you’re done curling your hair, you can leave it as is or add another element to complete your desired look.

  1. Run your fingers through your hair and gently tousle it for looser curls. You’ll appear more comfortable and natural with a bit more volume.
  2. Apply a slight mist of hairspray to your curls for more hold to keep them tight and sleek all day. Consider applying an anti-humidity spray if you are in a very humid location.

Sum Up!

Most of us use a curling iron to get curls. But you can achieve just as beach waves by using a straightener to curl your hair. Undoubtedly, there is a method. Depending on how tightly you want your curls, numerous methods exist for using a straightener to curl your hair. Since all the methods are discussed above, you can select any one for how to curl hair with straightener.

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