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People constantly wear this shoe brand they admire for excellent reasons, whether for athletics, fashion, or other uses. Yet, focusing just on the brand may not yield the best outcomes, particularly if we have unique needs for skate footwear.Consider skating as an activity and New Balance as a label. Does this brand’s model fit such a task? No. Select the best new balance skate shoes for a better and more effective ride. 

Here are a few things to think about before purchasing the new balance skate shoes.


Best new balance skate shoes can learn about the wear and tear of the sneakers by looking at their materials. Skateboarding shoes composed of suede, canvas, and leather have been built by the company in the past.

Suede has the right amount of elasticity for quick movements like skating. Due to its flexibility, the canvas is generally the lightest and coolest material. In the end, leather is firmer and less frequently found in skating rinks.

Shoe cut

The term “shoe cut” frequently describes the height of the new balance skate shoe. There are three types of it: low, mid, and high tops, whether or not they are used for skating. The finest ankle supports are high-top skate shoes. Conversely to their reduced height, mid-cut shoes are more breathable. Last but not least, low-top footwear are thin and frequently highly cushioned.

Insole type

The type of insole for a new balance skateboard is crucial. This brand has vulcanized and cap soles for this feature. Since cup soles are firmer, more padding may be added to the footwear. Conversely, vulcanized soles are softer, giving any skater a great board feel.

6 Top New Balance Skate Shoes

A fun but crucial decision for skating is selecting a new pair of balance skate shoes. Now, look at some of the best new balance men’s skate shoes.

1. NUMERIC 254 VS 255 Men’s New Balance Skate Shoes 

The weight of the sneaker is firstly noticeable. The NB Numeric 255 is lightweight. It might be due to the outsole, which makes a substantial imprint. The sole, on the other hand, was flexible from the outset. The 255 Jordan Taylor colorway’s top is nearly completely made of silky leather. The tongue is softly cushioned and secured with two elastic tongue straps. 

There’s also enough padding around the ankle to keep the new balance numeric skate shoes from seeming clunky.The New Balance Numeric 255 is a well-executed upgrade to the Quincy 254. The outsole and upper longevity, in specific, made an indelible effect on others. The 255 is skate footwear for everyone and every surface due to its superb board grip and supportive footbed.

2. New Balance Numeric 913

Top skateboarder Brandon Westgate develops the New Balance Numeric 913 for intense road skating. Brandon wants this model to withstand the hardest skating settings as his pro sneakers. As a result, he created Numeric 913, which is jam-packed with capabilities that will take your game to new peaks. It requires a break-in so that it may be as rigid as a brick. 

After a few uses, the sole becomes more adaptable, increasing your board control. The initial impression of this shoe is that it is rather thin. This shoe is equally appealing as its New Balance cousin, the Numeric PJ Stratford 533. The current model, on the other hand, offers more updated features. In any case, the Numeric 913 men’s new balance skate shoes are ideal for wearing casually.

3. New Balance Men’s All Coasts 210 V1 Skate Shoes

The New Balance Men’s All Coasts 210 V1 Sneaker appears to be a comfy skate footwear. Furthermore, it’s seen in several aspects. First, with a tidy yet attractive canvas upper, these low-top men’s new balance skate shoes maintain their modest profile that complements practically any style. Skaters may also be certain that the cloth used on these sneakers will keep their feet cool.

These new balance skate shoes were released in the same manner as Vulcanized, one of the most popular skate trainers today. Skaters can feel the board or their skating place more effectively.

4. 440 High New Balance Skate Shoes

The New Balance 440 High skate sneakers offer the ideal balance of looks and functionality. These new balance men’s skate shoes are made for skaters who want both durability and comfort from their footwear. A distinctive and fashionable appearance that works well both on and off. The board is produced by suede, perforated leather, and sturdy synthetic uppers.

The stiffened toe is one of these skate shoes’ most distinctive characteristics. The gentle cushioning provided by the heel’s foam wedge helps absorb shock and lessen strain during prolonged skating workouts.These new balance men’s skate shoes are the best option for a safe, pleasant ride. Whether you’re a novice or an expert veteran, it will keep you skating in style and comfort for years.

5. New Balance Numeric 306 Jamie Foy

One of the few shoes that feel as robust as it appears is the New Balance Numeric 306 Jamie Foy. The upper of these new balance skate shoes is constructed of excellent, sturdy leather. Despite weighing more than canvas, this material has better abrasion acceptance, which prolongs the shoe’s life. 

Rubber underlays are present in 306 as well. It also increases the durability of these boots. These skate shoes have mesh panels for their tongues and interiors. As a result, air may move a little more easily, leaving the feet comfortable and probably always dry.

6. New Balance Men’s All Coasts 425 V1 Sneaker

The black new balance skate shoes All Coasts 425 V1 Sneaker features all the modernity, flair, and adaptability for this new generation of skaters. These ultra-modern shoes are made of 100% synthetic materials and have a gorgeous, traditional style. Due to its design, it is comfortable and appealing for both everyday usage and skateboarding.

It includes premium suede and canvas, providing durability with the ideal amount of flex. Experts also know that such a cloth is more breathable after working with canvas. Users will, therefore, frequently find it pleasant. As a result, much like most rubber sneakers, skaters are less likely to fall off.

Wrap Up! 

In conclusion, New Balance has done a fantastic job of producing top-notch new balance skate shoes. It satisfies the requirements of both beginner and expert skateboarders. The six shoes we’ve featured are all great options since they have a good balance of support, toughness, and design.

The Numeric 306 shoes, however, deserve particular notice. Even though they did not make our top six list, they are still fantastic alternatives like cozy insoles and robust designs. 

Learning about the greatest New Balance skate shoes as a skater and brand enthusiast is already an accomplishment. It not only gives us choices, but it also enables us to figure out the skate shoes’ deeper components.

Ultimately, the New Balance Numeric collection of skate shoes comes highly suggested. It is ideal for those who are looking for trustworthy and cozy footwear for their skating needs. Lastly, New Balance will continue to set the bar for skate shoe design in 2023 due to its dedication to superiority.

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