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The world of curly hair is a captivating spectrum of textures and patterns, from gentle waves that dance in the sunlight to tight coils that defy gravity. Each curl type has its own narrative to tell, representing the diversity and beauty of human hair. Join us as we go through the enchanted world of wavy, curly, coily, and kinky hair varieties. We will discuss each type of hair. Discover the mysteries of how these curls grow, their individual qualities, and the best techniques to nurture and enjoy your curls’ inherent charm. Let’s find out the types of curly hair of wavy, curly, and kinky hair textures.

Curly Hair 

Curly hair is the texture of hair that can include natural or wavy curls in hair strands. These can also be coils in the hair strands. Why does it occur? It occurs because of the hair follicle. The hair follicle varies from person to person. Curly hair can be found in various forms depending upon the shapes and patterns. This can lead to multiple textures which include tight and loose waves. Let’s check out the types of curly hair

Texture Hair

Texture in curly hair refers to the fineness or coarseness of individual hair strands. Texture is not normally classified in the traditional hair typing system, but it is an important consideration for understanding and caring for curly hair. It includes many types of curly hair. To obtain an appropriate assessment, it is necessary to meticulously examine individual hair strands, taking into account aspects such as thickness and texture.

Fine Texture

Types of curly hair give a beautiful range. Curly hair with fine texture is made up of thin individual hair strands. This hair type is more prone to breaking and appears less voluminous. It is, however, more controllable and may hold styles well.

Medium Texture 

Curly hair with a medium texture sits midway between fine and coarse. It’s a common texture with a fair combination of manageability and volume. Many people with curly hair have strands that are medium in texture.

Coarse Texture

Curly hair with a coarse texture is made up of thick individual hair strands. This type of hair appears more voluminous and robust, but due to its thickness, it may be more difficult to manage. It may be more resistant to shaping and may require additional moisture to keep frizz at bay.

15 Types of Curly Hair

There are numerous forms of curly hair, and they are often classified into different curl patterns based on their look. We’ve included stunning Getty Images in our article about the various types of curly hair to visually showcase the diversity and beauty of each curl pattern.

The Andre Walker Hair Typing technique, which divides curly hair into four primary categories (Type 1 being straight hair and categories 2 through 4 being distinct varieties of curls and coils), is the most widely used technique for classifying curly hair types. Here’s a breakdown of each type of curl:

Hair Type 2 Wavy

2A: Loose, easy-to-straighten waves.

2B: Wavy hair with definite “S” waves and considerable texture.

2C: Thicker waves with a few curls that are frequently difficult to shape.

Hair Type 3 Curly

3A: Well-defined, loose curls that are frequently bouncy and lustrous.

3B: Curly hair with tighter, spiral-shaped curls that occasionally have more volume.

3C: Tightly curled curls that look like corkscrews.

Hair Type 4 Coily

4A: Coily hair with well-defined “S” shaped coils and a dense structure. They are densely packed

4B: Coils having a “Z” shape, often with a tight zigzag pattern.

4C: 4C hair is the tightest and generally most brittle type of coily hair, with a zigzag or crimped pattern. It involves tight coils

Hair Type 3C/4A: Transition Hair

3C/4A: A transitional type between Type 3 and Type 4, with pronounced curls and coils.

Hair Type 4B/4C: Transition Hair 

4B/4C: Combine tighter “Z” coils with a zigzag or crimped pattern to transition hair between Type 4B and Type 4C.

Hair Type 2C/3A: Transition Hair 

2C/3A: A transitional type between Type 2 and Type 3, with a mix of waves and loose curls.

Hair Type 3B/3C: Transition Hair 

3B/3C: A transitional type between Type 3B and Type 3C, with tight curls and some spirals.

Hair Type 4A/4B: Transition Hair

4A/4B: Transitional hair between Type 4A and Type 4B, with a mix of “S” and “Z” formed coils.

Hair Type 2A/2B: Transition Hair 

2A/2B: Transitional hair between Type 2A and Type 2B, blending loose waves with more defined “S” shaped waves.

Curly hair is prone to frizz, particularly in humid weather, using anti-frizz products and techniques can help maintain a smoother, more defined look. Understanding your exact curl type will help you choose the proper products and procedures to efficiently care for and style your individual curls. Types of curly hair of wavy, curly, and kinky hair textures

 Keep in mind that many people have a mixture of curl patterns on their heads, and elements like porosity, density, and thickness can all have an impact on hair care procedures. Embracing your natural curls and adapting your regimen to their individual needs will help you obtain the finest hair outcomes.

Leave in Conditioners

Leave in conditioners are applied to the hair after washing but they will be left in without washing them away. It is intended to offer moisture, nourishment, and other advantages to the hair. 

For Type 2: Wavy Hair

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk

This lightweight, moisturizing solution is perfect for boosting natural waves and giving hydration without weighing hair down.

For Type 3: Curly Hair

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream

This product defines and moisturizes curls while keeping them smooth and manageable. It’s ideal for curls ranging from 3A to 3C.

For Type 4: Coily Hair

Kinky-Curly Knot Today Detangler/Leave-In Conditioner

This product is highly recommended for Type 4 hair, as it provides excellent slide for detangling, hydration, and coil definition.

Transition Hair (Combination Types):

Mixed Chicks Conditioner

This flexible product is ideal for transitional hair


Diversity reigns supreme in the captivating world of curly hair, with a rich tapestry of curl patterns, textures, and personalities. Each curl type offers a unique story that represents the beauty of human personality, from the delicate swing of wavy locks to the bold coils of coily hair. Understanding the subtleties of these curl classifications allows us to confidently appreciate and care for our natural hair. 

By embracing our curls, we celebrate the diversity and individuality that make each of us genuinely unique. Types of curly hair give a beautiful range. So, whether you’re wearing your curls in spirals, coils, or waves, remember that they’re a beautiful representation of who you are.

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