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A detailed women’s clothes size conversion table will always ensure the ideal fit. Converting US sizes to European, UK and different international sizes is simple for pants, shirts, dress shirts, and other items. There are printable charts supplied for shopping while on the go. Bid farewell to sizing perplexity and welcome to chic assurance.

Finding women’s apparel with perfect fittings, especially online purchasing, might be challenging. Numerous companies have their size charts, some of which may or may not match the measures you are familiar with from your sized clothing.

However, don’t let it deter you from dressing to impress! You can easily convert US sizes to European, UK, and other foreign sizes for pants, shirts, dress shirts, and more with the help of our simple-to-use international size conversion table for women’s clothes. 

How to convert US to UK size clothes? 

Since clothing and shoes vary, converting US to UK sizes might need clarification. For instance, a UK lady who ordinarily buys size 10 (or small) shirts must choose a US size 6. But she’ll probably need a size smaller than her typical UK size when buying shoes. Men’s apparel is more straightforward because US and UK sizes are similar, although there are differences in shoe sizes. 

Both men’s and women’s footwear might include these variants and footwear for kids. Please refer to the complete conversion tables below for more exact conversions catered to your unique size. 

Women’s Apparel International Size Conversion Chart

UK Clothes Size Women’s US Women’s SizeInter­natio­nal 

Men’s Clothes in US to UK Sizes 

UK Clothes Sizes Men’s US Sizes Men’s Inter­natio­nal Men’s Sizes 

Understanding the Sizing System in the United Kingdom

UK sizing, also used by other Commonwealth countries, including Australia, is unique in its structure. However, Europe as a whole has a separate size standard for both apparel and footwear. UK sizes for children are based primarily on height and other factors rather than age. Women’s clothing sizes in the United Kingdom follow the 1982 standard BS 3666, based on bust, waist, and hip measurement

Things to Remember About UK Sizes 

  • The guidelines for translating US to UK sizes differ for men, women, and children, especially regarding apparel. 
  • When utilizing the UK norm, women should typically choose bigger clothing sizes but smaller shoe sizes.
  • Men can generally pick the same sized clothing as they do in the United States, but when using the UK system, they should consider lower shoe sizes. 
  • Clothing size discrepancies in children are more evident at a certain age. However, beyond age ten, sizing might change by gender due to variances in some dimensions, such as chest size. 
  • Size charts and conversion procedures can be helpful, but trying on items before purchase is the most reliable way to ensure a great fit. After all, manufacturers might use several size standards. 

How Should Women’s Clothes Be Measured?

Measuring for a dress might be more complex than measuring for other sorts of apparel since there are many different measures to consider. The following are the steps for calculating a woman’s dress:

  • Bust Measurement: Measure the area with a measuring tape with the largest region of your bust, keeping it parallel to the floor.
  • Waist Measurement: Keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground as you round the part of your waist that is the narrowest.
  • Hip Measurement: Wrap the measuring tape over the broadest area of your hips, keeping it parallel to the floor.
  • Shoulder Measurement: Measure across your back from the point of one shoulder to the tip of the other.
  • Torso Measurement: Measure along the front of your body from the top of your shoulder to the desired length of the dress.
  • Sleeve Length: Measure down your arm from the top of your shoulder to the desired sleeve length.
  • Compare your measurements: To get the best fit, compare your measurements to the dress’s size chart.

What is the equivalent UK size for a US 4 in women’s clothing?

For women’s clothes, a US size 4 is similar to a UK size 8. It’s advisable to check the brand’s size guide or try the garment for the best fit because various brands may have varying sizes.

What does men’s UK size mean in the US? 

A large US size for males often equates to a UK size of 42 to 44. By brand, there can be variations, nevertheless. It is best to check your body measurement in the US to UK clothing chart above. 

Is Size 36 Small Or Large?

32-35 inches in size extra-small (XS). 36-38 inches for a small (S). 39-41 inches (medium). 42-44 inches (Large)

US Small to UK 

Men’s US small sizes typically correspond to the UK 34-36 sizes. Regarding women’s apparel, a US small, commonly a size 6–8, corresponds to a UK size 10–12. Remembering that companies’ sizes might vary somewhat is crucial, so it’s always a good idea to check our size charts. 


It might be challenging to switch from UK to US sizes. Even though UK size is one of the most widely accepted standards, getting the ideal fit can be challenging. Although the rest of the world uses various measuring systems, the UK and Australia frequently use comparable size measures.

This study will give you comprehensive insights on UK sizes if you’re considering purchasing clothing that fits according to UK measurements or previously believed that UK and US sizes are almost equal. Despite the change in size standards, the goal is to make the conversion process easier for you and assist you in finding the best-fitting clothing.

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