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What is size 40 in UK shoes? Between the end of the nineteenth century and the start of the twentieth century, the present system of shoe size numbers was accessible. This type of machining was created to quickly make several pairs of shoes in various sizes in huge quantities.

We offer shoe size conversion charts (shoe size charts) to help you navigate the many units of measurement for shoes used by various overseas manufacturers. So, locating the size that fits your shoe size is simple.

Which Shoe Size to choose from?

When putting on shoes at a store, examining the US or UK-size packaging based on the brand is essential. How can we tell whether it fits our feet properly? The shoe’s inner label or package will list the appropriate European sizes. However, if you need help locating this data, refer to the conversion tables below.

The shoe can be measured in several ways:

  • European size: It is equal to two-thirds of a centimeter.
  • American and Canadian sizes: A non-proportional scale with the European one is provided for American and Canadian sizes. The sizes of males are 1.5 smaller than those of women.
  • English Size: The scale used for this measurement is called English size. It has standard measurements for men and women, with the size of the males being half a size larger and matching the size of an American man.

How To Measure Your Shoe Size

Here are the best shoe size conversion charts for men’s, children’s, and women’s footwear in the US, UK, Europe, and inches. 

If you’ve ever questioned, “What size shoe is a 38?” “What is a size 40 in shoes?” or “It’s a men’s size 7.5 in the US.” Continue reading to find out how to measure your feet and shoe sizes in various nations (that would be a US men’s size 9.5).

How is the size of the shoes determined? While measuring your foot using a ruler or a Brannock gadget is feasible, this will only provide an approximation of your dimensions because our feet are three-dimensional. Use the conversion tables below to determine your size after measuring your foot. 

Shoe Size Conversion Charts

The sizes and associated centimeter and inch measurements are shown in each table. Measure the distance between the heel and the toe to get the precise foot length. We advise you to take measurements of both feet. One foot often measures more significantly than the other.

Women’s Shoe Size Conversions

    US Sizes         4  Euro Sizes         35    UK Sizes          2    Inches     8.1875”        CM         20.8
      6 36-3748.875″22.5
        7 37-3859.25″23.5
      7.5 385.59.375″23.8
        8 38-3969.5″24.1
      8.5 396.59.6875″24.6
      9 39-4079.875″25.1
    9.5 407.510″25.4
    10 40-41810.1875″25.9
  10.5 418.510.3125″26.2
    11 41-42910.5″26.7
  11.5 429.510.6875″27.1
    12 42-431010.875″27.6

Men’s Shoe Size Conversions

    US Sizes         6  Euro Sizes         39    UK Sizes          5.5    Inches     9.25”        CM         23.5
7.5      40-4179.75″9.75″
  8417.5    9.9375″25.4
8.541-42810.125″        25.7
11.544-45        1111.125″28.3
1346        12.511.5625″29.4
144713.5    11.875″30.2
154814.5  12.1875″31
  164915.5    15.531.8

ISO charts for Size 40 shoes

The following tables for converting shoe sizes into various international size systems are excerpts from the size tables found in ISO/TS 19407:2015. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) creates standards on a global scale in practically every industry.

Your shoes, however, could look different from the one suggested. Your shoes’ size, for instance, may vary from this ISO specification because of the designer. Shoes size 40 could be smaller or bigger than preferred.

40 EU shoe sizes is the equivalent US women’s shoe size.

The ISO standard states that the EU Size 40 is equivalent to US women’s Shoe Size 9.

What does US men’s shoe size fall into the 40 EU range?

According to the ISO standard, the EU Size 40 corresponds to the US Men’s Shoe Size 8.

Converting shoe sizes from European is simple. Unlike the US norm, which clearly distinguishes between men’s, women’s, and children’s, European shoe sizes are unisex. The color and other features help determine if the footwear is for men or women according to the European shoe size standard. A size 50 in European sizing, or 12 23 inches, is possible.

How can we change shoe size from Euro to US? What does a US size 40 mean? It’s crucial to understand that there is no fixed method for converting a European shoe size to its equivalent in the US because the variations might be slight.

A US men’s size nine would be equivalent to a European dimension of 41.5, while a US men’s size 11 would be equivalent to a European size of 44.5. 

Centimeters are used to measure shoe sizes in Europe. However, just with US shoes, the number does not precisely match the shoe size; for example, a size 44 in the US will not be 44 cm long but will measure around 27.9 centimeters or 11 inches. Size 39 (in US = 8), EU size 37 (in US = 6.5), and size 38 (in US = 6) are the most popular sizes for women. 

Sum Up!

US shoe sizes are not unisex, even though European shoe sizes are. There is a slight difference between men’s and women’s sizes when converting European shoe sizes to US ones. To roughly get your US size, deduct 31 from the women’s EU size. Men deduct 33. You should refer to our shoe size conversion tables for size 40 in UK shoes, as this is only an estimate.

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