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Temperature is rising and the sun is shining brightly. It’s time to set up your wardrobe. Beating the heat is not only done by juices and fruits but also by wearing clothes that are cool for wearing in the scorching sun. There must be a balance between breath ability, comfort and protection from the sun rays while choosing clothes for your wardrobe. So, what type of clothes should we wear in summer. This article will let you in a world of summer fashion. Breathable fabrics that provide style with comfort. Let’s discover comfortable clothes with trends to wear in the heat. 

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5 Best Type Of Clothes for Summer

Some people’s body sweat a lot in the summer. Finding what type of clothes should we wear in summer? Cotton and linen are best suitable for wearing in summer. Loose dresses are preferred more in summers. Wear cotton clothes in summers. Cotton is a good breathable fabric. Wearing comfortable clothes in summers is important. Cotton absorbs sweat from our body which keeps us dry.

It is a durable fabric that can be washed daily without damaging the fabric. Best answer to the confusion of what type of clothes should we wear in summer? is that cotton clothes in summer are the best option for setting your wardrobe. 

To make your body cool choose a fabric that promotes airflow. With the clothes your footwear matters a lot, always choose footwear that does not produce sweating under your feet or any shoes, joggers etc that will make you feel uncomfortable. Mesh and canvas are the best materials for footwear to wear in summer. Your covered body and exposed parts of body both become dull and patchy in summers, so you need a good SPF to protect your skin from sun rays.

Absorbers Of Heat

Absorbers of heat are those that will absorb heat and will make you feel warm. So which colours are the best absorbers of heat? Dark colours are the best absorbers of heat. Black coloured clothes absorb heat. As compared to light colour clothes it is less suitable. When black colour absorbs heat it will increase body temperature. Other dark colours are also heat absorber and will feel hot in summers. But if you like dark colours or black colour do wear it in light stuff and loose fitting. Nylon and polyester are also good absorbents of heat so they are not ideal for wearing in summers. Some important things that make a fabric not suitable to wear in summers is the breath ability of the fabric and winking property of the fabric. The good absorbents of heat in summer are not desirable.Then what type of clothes should we wear in summer.

Light Coloured Clothes

Wear light clothes in summers. Light colours provide protection against the UV rays. They reflect sunlight and make you feel cool. Light colours reflect more than dark colours. Absorption of heat is less so it reduces the heat. Overheating can be prevented easily. It makes you feel more comfortable and easy to carry light weight clothes. Many options for the confusion of what type of clothes should we wear in summer

Cotton clothes in summer are the best option to wear in summer. It also affects people psychologically which can lead to more comfortable experiences. You can wear light accessories with these light clothes. It provides a versatility factor that is best for summers and provides a perfect combination of fashion with comfort. To make evaporation faster and feel cool wear a lightweight and comfortable fabric. Like cotton, linen are the best options for wearing in summers then get them stitched loose to avoid the tight fitted clothes. Light coloured clothes will reflect the sunlight so they are cool to wear in summer. One thing is that without sleeved and half sleeves clothes, they are good to wear in summers but it can cause sunburn on your skin. So if you want to wear these types of styles then do apply sunblock over your skin.

Good Absorber Of Water

Good absorbent of water are those who have quick drying properties in them. Microfiber made of polyester has a high surface area that will help in absorbing the moisture easily. The moisture wicking property is the best for summer clothes. Modal is another fabric which is soft and breathable for hot days. So what type of clothes should we wear in summer

Cotton is an excellent absorbent fabric. They absorb moisture from skin and make evaporation faster. It evaporates sweat to the atmosphere. Linen is also light weight; it has an absorption property that absorbs the sweat and water easily. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that absorbs the water easily and lets you feel cool. It is good for using in sports for making you feel easy and dries up quickly to play comfortably without any irritation or rashes on skin. These types of fabrics will evaporate the water easily and provide a dry and comfortable dress for you.

Cotton Clothes In Summer

Finding the answer of what type of clothes should we wear in summer? So cotton is the widely used fabric for summer clothing because it has many reasons for being the best. Due to its breath ability factor the air can circulate freely from it. Body remains cool. Heat can be escaped without any absorption of heat. So it is the most comfortable fabric to wear in summer

Moisture will be absorbed by cotton fabric so it will absorb water from your body. People facing excessive sweating can be discomforted by sweating but cotton will absorb the sweating and will keep you dry and comfortable for the whole day. It is a light and soft fabric so you don’t feel any irritation or itching in summers because of it. It is made of natural fiber cotton so it does not cause any irritation, rashes or skin allergies. Your skin can breathe freely. Cotton helps the moisture wick in the atmosphere and making its evaporation faster results in making the body feel cool and comfortable.

The other important feature of cotton is its versatility so it can be in so many forms like dresses, skits,and many more. You can create a formal or any casual look by it. You can dress it up with some jewellery and makeup. It can be washed easily and its quality does not fade away. So cotton is the best option to wear in summer. So this is the best answer for what type of clothes should we wear in summer


Summers and the scorching sun so what type of clothes should we wear in summer. So you learnt that the first thing to keep in mind in summers is your comfort and protection from the sun. Then it must be light in weight and loose fitted. And the fabric you should choose is cotton, linen and many more. Fabric must be a good absorber of water but bad absorber of heat. White and light colour clothes are the best options for summers. Because you will feel comfortable and fresh in light colours under the sun. With the clothes you can add jewellery, hats and specially sunscreen in your routine to protect yourself from the sun. Cotton clothes doesn’t mean you can’t style yourself well, but you can wear cotton clothes in many styles due to its versatility. So beat the heat and let’s set up your wardrobe.

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